Just Let Go – Coco Montoya

Just Let Go - Coco Montoya

Artist: Coco Montoya
Album: Just Let Go
Release Date: September 23, 1997
Duration: 57:22
Genre: Blues
Styles: Modern Electric Blues

Coco Montoya’s often ferocious guitar is the main reason to acquire this 1997 release. His singing is expressive and reasonably effective, but it is his blazing guitar soloing that makes one wish that he would record a full set of instrumentals; “Cool Like Dat” is a real cooker. Montoya performs some soul, R&B, and even country-tinged music on the set, but he is at his best on the blues, particularly the B.B. King-inspired “Do What You Want to Do.” Although his backup band is fine, this interesting if not quite essential release is primarily a showcase for the passionate Montoya. Recommended in particular to fans of the rock side of the blues.

Title/Composer Performer Time
Fear No Evil / D. Davis / Robert Ward Coco Montoya 3:42
What’s Done Is Done / Dave Steen Coco Montoya 3:50
Just Let Go / Dave Steen Coco Montoya 4:52
My Side of the Fence / Dave Steen Coco Montoya 5:21
Cool Like Dat / Milo Binder Coco Montoya 3:04
Do What You Want to Do / Albert Collins Coco Montoya 5:07
Give It to a Good Man / Dave Steen Coco Montoya 4:48
Hard Love / Dave Steen Coco Montoya 3:52
Beginner at the Blues Coco Montoya 4:25
Mother and Daughter / H. Montoya Coco Montoya 5:05
Nothing’s Too Good for My Baby / Dave Steen Coco Montoya 3:50
Never Seen You Cry This Way Before / D. Castagno / Don Castagno Coco Montoya 4:45
Sending Me Angels / Frankie Miller / Jerry Lynn Williams Coco Montoya 4:41

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